Mission Statement


In touch with your Mind, Body and Spirit, through Balance’ Complimentary Advanced Medicine (CAM).

Providing the holistic science and healing arts of the four pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine to aid in the healing and restoration of the human being, influencing positively the trinity’ that is MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

By manipulating the subtle energy fields in the body Balance CAM strives to assist in renewing strength resilience and vitality by resolving damage, relieving fatigue, reducing stress and enhancing deep relaxation.

With the template of five elements and Pakua four pillars, Balance CAM will encourage personal spiritual awareness, inner peacefulness and compassionate living for self healing.

Acupuncture, fighting pathogens & trauma’ one hair needle at a time.

Tuina massage, for stomach/small & large intestinal disorders.

The Ode to Balancecam Moonfruit

Mind body and soul are the areas of concern to feed when the time and energy is right,

Balance is a state of being rarely achieved in sincerity and truth but an ongoing fight.


The moon relates to push and pull of the sea, and is women divine in its epic state of yin,

Fruit,the product of mother earth nourishing us all, and is nature were balances begin.


Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM), can help the closed and open minds,

CAM encompasses many disciplines from Reiki to Acupuncture of many kinds.


Live well with others evolve into richness on the many realms levels and plains.

For when we transcend this mortal coil, leave a legacy of love amidst all the suffering and pains.



Balance couples acu 4b