Coming soon:

-Name Change and new webpage: Balance CAM has merged with Essex Acupuncture and Massage and will be known as Balance Acupuncture Massage, moving forward. new web page pending.


-Romford, Lunch time park run with Qi-Gong and Kung-Fu stretching (email: mikewillbalance@gmail.com to show interest.

Acupuncture, medical qi gong implemented’ one hair needle at a time.

Tuina massage, for sports related muscle tautness.

Programes to come

> RUTGERS certified personal training (weights and none weights protocols)


email: mikewillbalance@gmail if interested

Programes in Place

> Weight loss programe (TCM protocols)

> Meditation for beginners

> Qi Gong for beginners

> Laser Acupuncture (photo cell stimulation) for all body' NO PAIN/PINCH


email: mikewillbalance@gmail if interested