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Bagua (Pakua) is one of the more recent kung fu systems to manifest on the martial arts scene. Just over 500 years old this style was revered by the Emperors’ of China, as one of the most scientific arts of all the martial arts in the world. This was in part due to the balance of internal and external fighting and healing arts. It included Chinese Medicine as well as the eight trigrams bagua, and the  animals fighting systems.




Five Element health & life coaching

Cannon of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with a focus on the holistic approach. Were by the physical can affect the emotional and vice versa.  The five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water’ have a corresponding emotion, virtue, yin yang organs and more..

Kung Fu Body

Ch'iang shan Pa Kua Chang exercises for flexibility and core strength development. One to one, or small group sessions.


Renshinkai, Pa Kua and Chinese Medicine Meditation practice. One to one, or small group sessions.

Private Booking One to One therapy or small group sessions                         Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): the four primary avenues of treatment which are poetically referred to as the “Four Pillars”. Each of the pillars offers a unique approach to affecting health and can be thought of as different ways to obtain leverage on a patient’s Qi (internal universal energy streams).  When used together the Four Pillars initiate strong therapeutic effects within a patients system, with long lasting effect.


>Pillar 1.Acupuncture and Moxibustion


>Pillar 2.Herbs and Nutrition


>Pillar 3.Physical Manipulation/Tuina Massage


>Pillar 4.Qi Gong/Meditation





Consultation fee    £00.00

60 minute session £60.00 Liverpool St.



Qi-Massage/Deep Tissue

80 minute session  £70.00 Liverpool St.

80 minute session £45.00 Home.



Massage & Acu package

3 x 80 mins sessions Acupuncture Liverpool St. £155 


3 x 80 mins home visit Acupuncture £100


3 x 80 mins session Massage

Liverpool St. £165

3 x 80 mins home Massage      £110 



Tel: 0730 521 4156

email: mikewillbalance@gmail.com


Acupuncture, using the bodies’ energy (qi) to heal’ one hair needle at a time.

Tuina massage, as a compliment to acupuncture treatments, or stand alone.

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Mobile Practitioner:-

Home visits within 5 miles of RM8 after Surcharge of 0.25p/mile


Liverpool Street Clinic

Longcroft House

2-8 Victoria Ave

London EC2M 4NS