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Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), (Aka East-Asian Medicine) is a comprehensive, holistic medical system. While its origins date back thousands of years to China, it has a long history of development, evolution, and practice in many countries around the world. TCM incorporates acupuncture, herbal medicine, tui-na (massage therapy), nutrition, healing exercises, and other therapeutic modalities, which all share common theoretical concepts and principles. It can be used to treat many types of pain syndromes and illness. TCM treatment methods address the root cause of illness, not just symptoms alone, and they can bring about profound and lasting changes to one’s health and wellbeing.


swirls swirls Massage Tuina

Available Treatments


Qi-Massage, Acupuncture (Laser or Traditional), Cupping,

Cosmetic (Facial), Tuina Massage: Reflexology, Hand, Head, Ears.


Acupuncture: speeding up recovery time’ one hair needle at a time.

Laser Acupuncture: painless with positive effects of photo medicine & frequency information therapy.


Chinese Medicine

Laser Acupuncture

Tuina/Amma or Reiki

Qi-Gong & Tai-Chi



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